At DENT MECHANIX we offer a complete turn key repair process from pick-up to delivery!

  • Free pickup and delivery!

    We offer a complimentary concierge pickup and delivery of you and your vehicle from your home, office, or rental car facility at the commencement and completion of your repair!

    Free insurance negotiations!

    We will guide you through the claims process and negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf. More often than not the insurance companies estimate is much lower than it should be and then you get an estimate for repair and think you cant afford to have it repaired. The insurance companies are not going to go out of their way to give you more money. At DENT MECHANIX we will thoroughly inspect your car using high definition L.E.D and fluorescent lights and then do all the haggling for you.

    Free loaner or rental car!

    During the negotiation and repair process we will provide you with free loaner or rental car if you do not have rental car coverage. In addition to that we will assist you in the rental process.

    Deductible forgiveness and financing programs!

    Are you worried about paying your deductible? At DENT MECHANIX we can help you with your deductible. We never let your personal finances prevent you from getting your car properly repaired. There are so many repair facilities advertising "NO DEDUCTIBLE" repairs but then you get a "DISCOUNT REPAIR"! Well as the saying goes you get what you pay for right! Not at DENT MECHANIX! All of our repairs are guaranteed 100% regardless of your deductible! We will pay your deductible for you out of our advertising and customer relations fund up to $500. For larger deductibles we offer unsecured, no credit check, no interest deductible financing. You can finance your deductible up to $1500 with no interest for up to one year.

    100% satisfaction guarantee!

    At DENT MECANIX all of are repairs are guarantee for as long as you own your vehicle. All dents are guaranteed not to return after the repairs are completed and your paint is guaranteed not to crack, discolor, or fade abnormally beyond the level of the non-repaired areas. We guarantee that your vehicle will be restore to its pre-damaged condition or better. In most cases we repair unrelated door dings free of charge on most hail repairs!

    You won't find a better level of service anywhere guaranteed!

  • Why we stand out from the rest
    • Free Rental Car on qualifying hail repairs!
    • Free pickup and delivery!
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee!
    • Nationwide limited lifetime warranty!
    • Locally owned and operated!
    • We work directly with major insurance companies!
    • Deductible financing and forgiveness programs!
    • We use the latest in Paintless dent removal technology to make your car look perfect!
    • Thousands of satisfied customers!